Do you Count?

Most people count all sorts of things in their lives - calories, height, weight, IQ, miles traveled, hours worked, hourly pay, sports stats of all types, the number of words spoken by the toddler in her first week of speech, number of steps trod by the rug rat in his first week of walk. But when it comes to the counting in your life that really matters to your future - your financial future - most people fall short. Public school trains us for algebra, trig, geometry and calculus, but not personal economics or finance. College narrows our focus even more, so that if you're not majoring in business you're probably not thinking about personal economic issues beyond your next pay check and the latest bills.

Well, welcome to Count On It!, a tax service and financial service as well as a blog. Here in the blog I'm going to address all sorts of issues that impacts loads of lives, most likely including yours. Examples of future topics --

You get the picture. There will be some essays, but most will be in bite-sized chunks. That means you should visit here often, and it won't take long to digest the message. See you soon!

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