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Are some of your Small Business Clients all Money and no Books?
If so they will soon be Broke.  How can they Avoid that?

Do they know how to plan tax payments to avoid penalties? 

Do they know how to minimize their taxable income?

Do they know how to file a Schedule C to register business results?
Do they know how to survive a tax audit? 

Do they even know if you're running a profit or a loss? Do they know how much? Do they have any way to measure what works and what does not work? 

Hi! I'm Rich Newby. When I was a lot younger, I made all the tax mistakes in the book. It cost me years and tens of thousands of dollars. Once I figured out how to solve my problems, I set out to make sure my problems never happened again. Before I was done I was hired to do taxes for more than 200 partners in a major law firm! I've worked with the comptrollers of major corporations and helped expose the financial fraud that brought down Enron, but I'v also worked with much smaller businesses, like trailer parks, consultancies, crafts shows, and family trusts.

Bottom line, I can save them money and in the process help track the bottom line. For my starter system, which I call NewbySys, no one needs a bookkeeper.

Unlike a lot of hot air promoters, I don't waste time bloviating. My free download will answer most of questions about the major tax decisions, including -

  • Should they incorporate?

  • Should they pay themselves as an employee?

  • Do they need to make monthly tax payments?

  • How can they avoid tax liabilities, fines, penalties and audits?

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